What’s affiliate marketing (partnership program)

It is a form of online advertising in which merchants offer to the web operators, affiliate partners, financial reward (commission) for bringing visitors to merchants‘ websites and taking desired action (website registration, betting, etc.).

The merchant provides the website operators with tools, which operators place on their websites and use them for attracting as many visitors as possible to the merchant website. These tools include mainly wide range of banners in various sizes, content and languages. Website operators put these tools in a simple way (by copying the source code) to their sites and begin to send visitors to the merchant site. Merchant monitors the visitors and their repetitive site visits. All their activity is tracked and commission calculated based on terms of cooperation. Commission to affiliates is then paid on a monthly basis. affiliate program is opened to all sites focused on sport, sport news, sites with sporting results, sites about betting, blogs, discussion forums, etc.

Partnership program registration

Registration to the affiliate program is open to any candidate who is interested in cooperation with from the home page of affiliate program: Click on "Register" and fill out the registration form. Your registration into the program and your website will be checked by affiliate program administrator. Once approved you will be able to access the program and your website can start earning money.

The registration procedure / basic steps

Inserting a banner to your website

After approval of your affiliate account you can choose from our list of banners (wide selection of formats and contents). In order to gain the best results possible, banner should be placed in the visible part of your website.

Banner can be downloaded and placed into your website as follows:   


After approval of your affiliate account, please login to as our partner with your username and password (entered during registration). Select Media Gallery.


On the left side, select the type: Banners. Also select the language of the banner. Press search.


Choose the banner that you like and click "Get Code".


Copy the HTML code and paste it into your page source code. Banner should start appearing on your site. Everything is tracked from now on.


How to get a players and profit from them

You will increase your profit mainly by acquisition of new players through the banner on your website. The player clicks on the banner and then gets to the home page of , gets registered and deposits money. A player who is registered by you, is tracked under your account. The more active players you have, the greater is your chance to increase your profit. The amount of your commission depends on the amount of net profits of from the players who came to us via your website.

Players can be obtained also through your mailing list to which you can place advertisements and ad links. It is up to you to know, how you will manage to get the players . helps you in your efforts with incentive bonuses that are available on our website. Our team is here for you. If you have specific requirements, questions or ideas for cooperation, please contact us.

Money income (commissions)

Commissions shall be settled by the end of the month and are paid by 15th of the following month, provided that the amount of your commission has reached a minimum of 50 EUR.

In the event that the amount of your commission is less than 50 EUR, the commission shall be transferred to the next month and will be paid after reaching a given level.

Commission Explained

Total Revenue for DOXXbet =
+ Sportsbook (Bets – Winnings)
+ Casino (Wagers - Winnings)
+ Poker (Rake + Side Games)

Total cost for DOXXbet =
– Bonus Payout (+ Bonus drawn back)
– Administration fee (8%)
– Network and licenses fee
– Fraud costs and charge-backs

=> Net Profit

Profit Share Model

EUR 0 - 5 000 =33% Net Profit Share
EUR 5 000 - 20 000 =38% Net Profit Share
EUR 20 000 + over =43% Net Profit Share
These figures represent the net profit  generated by the affiliate for DOXXbet per calender month.

This Profit share model gives percentage depending on the total monthly Net Profit and two examples are provided below.

E.g. 1. If affiliate brings 3000 Euro of net profit to DOXXbet, the payment to affiliate will be 3000*0,33= 990Euro (EUR 0 - 5 000 =33% Net Profit Share)
E.g. 2. If affiliate brings 30000 Euro of net profit to DOXXbet, the payment to affiliate will be 5000*0,33 + 15000*0,38 + 10000*0,43= 11650Euro

Here is an example of how a profit can be calculated:
Player 1   
 Net profit      -100 EUR
Player 2     Net profit     +200 EUR
Player 3     Net profit     +500 EUR


Net profit for DOXXbet is 600 EUR and the comission will be calculated from this amount.


If the client receives a negative income, it means that the client wins more than loses. You will start generating the profil when your account balance gets back into positive values.


Text link - advertising

Advertising in the form of text link works the same way as with the banner advertising. Download the HTML code from the affiliate interface and place it into your page source code. However, when you look then at your website, there will no banner displayed but only plain text which can be changed. The advantage of this is that you can whatever text within the textlink, just enter the slogan you want to attract the visitors.

Other forms of promotion (e-mail, text page,....)

-  Sending newsletters to your mailinglist
-  Banners on the websites  

-  Text on the page

-  Competition  /with the chance to win jerseys, tickets for sport matches, valuable prizes/

Other informations about the affiliate program

Each player can be assigned to only one partner /one website/. 

If a player is already assigned to a partner, through which he/she has registered, this player can not be assigned to another partner /website/ under the same account. Player‘s activities are automatically tracked and assigned to this original partner.

Each partner is assigned a unique identification number - a personal affiliate tracking link that is embedded in all promotional materials (banners), that you download from the affiliate account and put it on your website.

As a result, we know precisely which customers are registered thanks to your activity and will be permanently assigned as your refered client. You can find more information about Affiliate Program here:

   Or contact us here:   
   skype: affiliates.doxxbet   
   ICQ: 583137738   
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